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The National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA) is a not-for-profit organization under the rules and regulations of non-profit organizations 501 (c) (3) in the country of United States of America. NAINA is organized with unique mission and goals. Our primary goal is to unite all Indian nurses and nursing students of Indian origin and heritage as a professional body under one umbrella at National level. NAINA will be the official voice for Indian nurses in America and outside for professional nursing issues and problems.

NAINA is the organization for all professional nurses and nursing students of Indian origin/heritage that creates a community of excellence in nursing practice and healthcare through networking and collaboration.

To promote professional excellence in nursing practice and healthcare through the empowerment and renewal of professional and cultural identity of all nurses of Indian origin/heritage, and to optimize their contribution to the health and well being of individuals, families, and communities.

As an organization of professional nurses and nursing students of Indian origin/heritage, we are committed to:

  • * Caring, compassion, ethical values, and exceptional healthcare practices
  • * Client-centered helping relationships and advocacy
  • * Accountability and responsibility for evidence-based practice
  • * Continuous personal and professional development of self and others
  • * Collaboration and innovation

We will strive to achieve acceptance and recognition among other associations such as American Nurses Association (ANA), National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurses Associations (NCEMNA), Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI), International Council of Nurses (ICN), to name a few.

We want to utilize all available resources at local, national and international level to enhance professional advancement and financial support for our members. Through newsletters, websites, and other timely publications, we want to promote political awareness of relevant health laws, fund availabilities, professional regulations, practice standards and labor laws that have an impact on our ability to continue to practice nursing here or for an aspiring Indian nurse who want to migrate to USA.

The success of an organization depends on the unity and commitment of its members. Equally important is the number of members the association has and the member strength we can derive from it to bring our issues to forefront. It is well known fact that the politicians and legislatures evaluate the issues considering the positive and negative impact on the number of people before passing the law and policies. To achieve our goals we need unity and commitment from all Indian nurses.

We come from an ancient country of rich traditions, high moral values and cultural heritage. Let us unite at national level as a unified body of professional nurses from India regardless of our State of origin, age, gender, or language we speak. Many other minority and ethnic nurses have united, organized at national level and are functioning very well for a long time in this country. Let us stand hand in hand and be recognized with other ethnic and minority nursing associations like Hispanic Nurses, African American Nurses, Philippine Nurses, Nurses from other Asian countries Pacific Islanders to name a few. It is high time we speak as one body and let our voice be heard through NAINA.

NAINA 2013-2014, click for presentation:

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